Thursday, January 14, 2010

.Net 4.0 and Azure

We were mapping out a release schedule for one of our Azure based applications today, and a major part of the application needs to be completely refactored to eliminate tight coupling between our WPF client and our server application.  This coupling is exacerbated by the inability to properly XML serialize some of our Entity Framework 1.0 objects due to the recursive traversal capabilities of EF 1.0.  We’d like to push the refactor back until EF 4.0 is available, but that brought up the question of when .NET 4.0 would be available on Azure. 

There is no set release data for Azure with .NET 4.0 support at this time. However, Scott Guthrie mentioned on his blog on Dec 17th that

“We are working with the Azure folks right now to try and get .NET 4 installed on it as soon as possible.  Unfortunately I don't have an exact ETA yet.”

However, the Azure team this week (today since Thursday is their deployment day) did a release to include an ‘OS Version’ attribute for roles so you could specify a particular Azure Build level when deploying. It will default to the most current version if you don’t set it, so it is a way to ensure that if you don’t want to be upgraded, you won’t be. Right now, they only support one version of the Azure OS. This has to be a precursor to the .NET 4 rollout, and something we have been trying to get them to include since our very first meeting with the Azure Team back in November 2008.  I haven’t looked at the feature in detail, but I’m glad they’ve addressed the concern.

My guess is that they will have to spin up .NET 4.0 support well before the commercial launch of .NET 4 because of the integral role of Azure in VS2010, and that in order for final testing to happen, they’ll have to allow full .NET 4.0 Azure deployments. Kind of a chicken and egg thing.  Stay tuned.

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