Monday, November 16, 2009

PDC Day 1 – Architecting & Developing for the Windows Azure Platform

Day One isn’t quite over yet.  Next up is a movie on the origins of Visual Studio.  I figure if I’m going geek this week, I'm going all in.

Chris Auld from did a great presentation on all kinds of aspects to take into account when architecting Azure applications.  He paid special attention to economic factors and how they play in to decisions on what Azure Technologies to use, and hen to use them.  He’s got street cred because he’s built out a very large application on Azure for selling tickets for events.

His blog is and he’s on twitter at

He’ll be posting his presentation deck later this week, and it’s well worth the read, especially for architects and technical management.  Some portions of the presentation would be good to walk sales teams who are trying to sell Azure as a platform through so they understand what the advantages and disadvantages are.  The presentation should also be on-line soon.  It’s long (an all day event isn’t going to be short).

I still have some Azure questions I need to resolve, but many of those are specific to the areas I’m working on, so I didn’t ask them during question period.  Hopefully I can have some productive hallway conversations.

On a side note (as I’ve already complained about this on twitter and Facebook)… Why do people put onions on everything?  I couldn’t find a single lunch option without onions today, and as someone with a food allergy to onions, it drives me crazy, because they never label things as containing onions.  Eggs, wheat, soy, milk, no problem.  Onions, we’ll just let you bit in before you figure it out.

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