Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Year

Yesterday, was the one year anniversary of starting my new job. So at this point, I guess I can stop calling it my 'new' job, and just call it my job.

Professionally, it's been a whirlwind of a year, and 2009 looks to be even more of a technical blizzard. When 2008 started, I was pretty proficient at C#, knew Informix pretty well, and knew a lot about the airline business. But when I made the jump from the IT division at an airline, to a position as a Senior Systems Analyst for a small software consulting firm, I viwed to learn some new skills, and to really put my nose to the grind stone for a few months to get 'caught up' on technology. Little did I know that it's pretty much impossible to get 'caught up'. But here's what I did get experience in during 2008. This isn't just 'I read the book', but real, systems to production experience.

1. Visual Studio 2008
2. Resharper 4
3. LINQ to SQL
4. Microsoft Component Application Blocks (Version 1 for VS 2005)
5. The Model - View - Controller Pattern
6. SQL Server 2000
7. SQL Server 2005
8. ASP.NET 3.5
11. SQL Reporting Services

All of that before the beginning of November 2008. I draw the line there, because in November, I started a new project that currently has me buried in the following technologies

1. WPF
2. Silverlight 2.0
3. SQL Server 2008
4. Team Foundation Services
5. MS Test & Test Driven Development
6. Microsoft Azure
7. Microsoft SQL Data Services
8. Microsoft Sync Framework
9. Microsoft Unity Dependency Injection Framework
10. Rhino Mock
11. Geneva / Microsoft Data Access Control Service
12. SQL Server CE
13. Microsoft Entity Framework

By the end of the year, I hope to be proficient in all of these topics. Actually, hope isn't a strong enough word. I need to be proficient in all of these topics. Right now, my head is spining a bit, and the new stuff is coming faster than my brain can absorb it all. But a year ago I had no idea what LINQ was, now I can't work without it.

I just have to wonder though. If this is what I have planned, what else could possibly come along later in the year?

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