Monday, March 10, 2008

Dude, you're such a Tool

Yes, half the fun of blogging is coming up with good titles. This, post, as it so clear states, is about tools.

As a .NET developer, I take no shame in using as many tools as I can to make my day easier. Here are as many as I can think of. Most of them you will know, some you may have heard of, and some you'll think to yourself, why isn't he using xxxxx. Well, I want to know about xxxx, so if you don't see it listed here (and it pertains to something I would need at WORK, let me know.

  1. Visual Studio 2008 (of course, and 2005, and ack, sometimes 2003). LINQ in 2008 is quickly becoming my most important coding skill. Frankly, it had me at Hello, and I've been it's query biatch ever since

  2. SQL Server Management Studio - if you aren't working in SQL server these days, what, are you stuck in 1995?

  3. NUnit - Test driven development is getting a hold of me, and I like it!

  4. CruiseControl.NET - To know it is to be the only one in the office who cares, but it makes my life a lot easier in the long run

  5. NAnt - Part of my suite of build tools

  6. FireFTP - Mozilla add on for FTP. Great little tool

  7. FireBug - Mozilla add on for debugging web pages and css files

  8. Fiddler - Helps for debugging http traffic. Ethereal is another good tool to. I just haven't used it lately

  9. .NETReflector - Lost the source code for a .NET dll? Run it through Reflector to get it back. Want to compare two versions of a .NET dll to see what changed? Run it through Reflector

  10. ummm Visual Source Safe - better than nothing I guess. Slightly better.

  11. AJAX Toolkit 3.5. I've been really getting into AJAX this week, and it's pretty cool, though it does not seem very forgiving.

One of the tools I am going to try soon is called Resharper. I've heard really good things about it, and I'm pretty sure it will save me time, but it is quite expensive, and I just want to make sure I'm going to use it. Time to get the trial licence, and give it a whirl.

Anyway, that's pretty much what I sue on a day to day basis (that, plus google to help me find blogs that fix my bugs).

What am I missing?


Matt B. said...

Tools that I will never develop without:

Paint.NET - You need a good graphic editor these days, and I like this one better than Gimp among the free ones

WinDiff (or equivalent) - for comparing files

TrayIt - minimize any program to the system tray (clock area) instead of the taskbar.

Regulator - Regular expression debugging.

JB said...

I should have followed this up a while ago and let everyone know that I absolutely love Resharper 4.0. I can't live without it. I've anal retentive about code cleanliness, and when I see that little box on the right go green, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.